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To learn more about the Mizel Institute, Mizel Museum, and the Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab (CELL), see our 2023 Impact Report.

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  1. What is the Mizel Institute?
    The Mizel Institute is a nationally recognized, nonprofit institution that is committed to developing a more educated, conscientious and empowered community through its two distinct centers: the Mizel Museum and the Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab (CELL). The Mizel Museum promotes social justice with its unique educational programming, cultural exhibits and events. The CELL confronts the threat of terrorism through its renowned event series, world-class exhibit and national training initiatives.
  2. When was the Mizel Institute founded?
    The Mizel Museum was founded in 1982, and the CELL was founded in 2009.
  3. How does the institute raise funds for its programs?
    The institute raises funds through private and corporate donations, grants, the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD), exhibit admissions, program fees, as well as its annual dinner, which has honored more than 25 individuals over the years with its Community Enrichment Award. Past honorees include Mayor Michael B. Hancock, Governor John Hickenlooper, Pat Bowlen, Dean Singleton, and Governor William and First Lady Frances Owens.
  4. How are the honorees chosen?
    The Community Enrichment Award is given to a deserving individual who has made outstanding contributions to the community and worked to significantly enhance the lives of others. When selecting an honoree, the institute takes into consideration an individual’s level of philanthropic support, impact on a cross-section of the community, and demonstrated commitment to the ideals of both the Mizel Museum and the CELL.