May 22, 2024

More details to come.

About the Mizel Institute Annual Event

The Mizel Institute Annual Event, one of the largest community fundraisers in Colorado, draws guests in the thousands, who represent a wide array of community leaders in government, business, education and philanthropy. Funds raised from the Mizel Institute Annual Event support its two centers, the Mizel Museum and the Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab (CELL), whose valuable programs empower individuals to become civically engaged in promoting social justice and enhancing public safety.

About the Community Enrichment Award

Each year, the Mizel Institute presents the Community Enrichment Award to deserving individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the community and worked to significantly enhance the lives of others. When selecting honorees, the institute takes into consideration an individual’s level of philanthropic support, impact on a cross-section of the community, and demonstrated commitment to the ideals of both the Mizel Museum and the CELL.


2023 Governor Jared Polis

2022 Blair E. Richardson

2021 Joe Ellis & the Denver Broncos

2020 Richard L. Monfort

2019 Christie & Walter Isenberg

2018 John A. Ikard

2017 John Elway

2016 Mayor Michael B. Hancock

2015 A. Barry Hirschfeld

2014 William J. Hybl

2013 Pat Bowlen

2012 Glenn R. Jones

2011 Sharon Magness Blake

2010 Anna & John J. Sie

2009 Dean Singleton

2008 Norman Brownstein

2007 Mayor John Hickenlooper

2006 Ray Baker

2005 Cortlandt Dietler

2003 Governor William & First Lady Frances Owens

2002 Peter H. Coors

2001 Arlene Hirschfeld

2000 Charles P. Gallagher

1999 Donald Kortz

1998 Governor Roy Romer

1997 Cindy & Steve Farber

1996 Chancellor Daniel Ritchie

1995 Cardinal J. Francis Stafford

1994 Ed & Dick Robinson

1993 Rabbi Daniel Goldberger

1992 Miriam Goldberg

1991 Robyn & Robert Loup

1990 Suzy & Jack Grazi